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2018 Scottsdale, AZ

2017 Pittsburgh, PA

2016 San Antonio, TX

2015 Washington, DC

Register Now! Reunion in Charleston, South Carolina June 30th, 2019!

Join other FHSers at our next reunion in:

Jun 26, 2019, at 4:30 PM – Jun 30, 2019, at 12 PM

Charleston Reunion Registration
Click on his link to get your registration form (.pdf).

Charleston Reunion Registration
Click on his link to get your registration form (.doc).

Get the form, sign up, send deposit to Janet Heidorn.

2019 FAHS Charleston Reunion Attendees

Updated: 6/10/2019

To be counted as an attendee, you must register with Janet Heidorn or have her verify that you will be an attendee.

First Time Alumni Reunion Attendees are entered in RED!

(78) – Registered to Attend

Class of 63 Attendees - 2019 Charleston

Last NameFirst NameMarried NameSpouse/Guests
Leftwich Bob
MorrisonMarcia Donna Prince
These above members have registered to attend the 2019 Charleston event!
FAHS Last Name
First Name
Married Name
  Spouse, Family, Friends
Class of 64
 Clark  Shirley    
 Durgin  Harlan    Dianna
 Fullenkamp  John    
 Lapin  Ken    Shirley Eye
 Meconi  Rocco    Brenda Brummett
 Schloss  Fred    The "Chancellor"
 Turnage  Sue  Hilbert  
 Wisenbaker  Bob    
Class of 65
 Allen  Helga  Robbins  Sheila Wahquahboshkuk
 Bartelt  Dick    Diane
 Begg  Bob    
 Boyd  Cheri  Cassell  
 Chalsma  Nancy  Brashears  
 Corbin  Hal    Leanne (Reunion Coordinator)
 Klaveness  Tinet  Crowell  Charles
 Lewis  Gail  Smith  Charles
 May  Tony    Fran
 Dwight  Diana  Miles  Gordon
 Meconi  Rocco    Brenda Brummett
 Moore  Joyce  Bates  
 Motson  Barbara  Leiser  
 Ratcliff  David    
 Ruehle  Irene    
 Sams  Gary    
 Surkin  Janet  Heidorn  
 Kittrell  Rod    
 Lopez  John (Speedy)    Penny
 Skelton  Terry    
 Leftwich  Bill    
 Burns  Tom   Camille
Class of 66
 Bates  Kathy  Johnson  
 Baxter  Laura    
 Correa  Bill    Linda KayDian
 Bailey  Paul    
 Bepko  Bob    Robin
 Bisbee  Cheryl  Todd  
 Ceneskie  Bruce    Brenda
 Counts  Nonie  Ogilvie  
 Danko  Carol Ann    John Sandidge
 Dowty  Judy  Pittard  Bill
 Flores  Eleanor    Joe
 Gatewood  Charlene    Walter Benesch
 Krol  Patricia  Boorom  
 Milstead  Susan  Murphy  
 Nava  Mauro    Melissa
Vice President
 O'Connor  Danny    Gerry
 O'Connor  Mike    
 Patrick  Pete    Sue
 Perkins  Paula    Chuck
 Sandidge  John    Carol Danko
 Thurman  Kim    
 Word  Gary    
 Stebbins  Charlotte    

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